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Ferrous & Non-Ferrous
Metal Recycling


Used Car Parts

We stock a wide range of quality spare parts at competitive prices for most vehicle makes and models

Our dedicated parts department will endeavour to find the part you need at a competitive price.

We also offer a delivery service across the UK!

Contact the parts department on:

0800 028 4611 or


Bayliss Recovery Ltd recognises the importance of continual environmental improvement. The implementation of our Green Dragon Level 5 Environmental Management System ensures our site is subject to the strictest environmental controls and procedures.

Environmental Policy, Review, Report and Improvement published on an annual basis to review the environmental performance of the company and ensure continual improvement. Environmental Impacts. Identified and monitored via a scoring system. This allows us to identify significant aspects and then reduce them.


Bayliss Recovery & Bayliss Metals provides a wide range of products to the domestic and export market for end users.

We’ve our own container loader able to load 20ft shipping containers for the export market.

Products available include:
Steel: HMS 1 & 2, 0/a; Copper; Aluminium etc……

Scrap Vehicle Collection

We offer a scrap vehicle collection service across most of South Wales and pay top prices.

We have a state of the art fleet able to collect scrap vehicles from your property – running or not.

All vehicles are issued with a Certificate of Destruction form the DVLA. This is a legal requirement and provides you with the peace of mind that your vehicle has been disposed of properly and legally.

All vehicles are properly disposed of and recycled.

Local Authority & Government Agency

Bayliss Recovery Ltd has over 10 years of experience collecting burnt out and abandoned vehicles for local authorities, the police, environment agencies, forestry commissions and insurance companies. Over this time we have developed a quality fleet of recovery vehicles and have in place highly trained staff.

All vehicles once recovered, are stored at our secure compound in Ogmore Vale, Bridgend

The facility has enough storage for 2000 vehicles. all vehicles are stored safely in a way they cannot be damaged. The site itself is highly secure with extensive CCTV coverage, high perimeter fencing, resident guard dogs and a manned presence 24/7.

A modern, easy access reception area is also located here for people who have any enquiries about their vehicle or for those who wish to reclaim it. The compounds are well organised, clean, tidy and safe.

We have a dedicated administration team who are able to deal with all enquiries relating to abandoned and unwanted vehicles. Detailed monitoring of all the recoveries allows us to provide statistics in whatever form and frequency required.

We have a website database which is updated twice a day. A secure password and reference number system allows council employees to check the details and status of an individual vehicle.

We carry out all necessary checks on the vehicle to ascertain its status such as:

  • HPi Checks
  • PNC Checks
  • C.M.U (Crime Management Unit)
  • Owner contacted